Bernina Sewing Machine Repairs Auckland

bernina sewing machine repairs auckland

Bernina Sewing Machine Repairs

Bernina Sewing Machine Repairs – Tips

The most common fault I have come across on a Bernina sewing machine are that they have not been threaded correctly i.e the thread is not seated into the tension disks in the upper tensioner or that the thread is of very poor quality and has varying thickness and slubs / knots.

Always ensure your needle is sharp and the correct size/type for the fabric being used and seated correctly in the needle clamp.

Clean and oil the shuttle race and clear feed dogs regularly. A vacuum cleaner is great to remove dust and lint.
With top load models always ensure you stop with the needle up to avert thread wraps and tangles.

The Bernina machines can penetrate up to 8 thicknesses of denim and as with all makes and models a service will help you to achieve a great sewing experience.

All sewing machines need to be serviced regularly and we recommend yearly if using often or every two years with infrequent use.

That will avoid costly bernina sewing machine repairs.

Bernina Sewing Machines

Bernina Sewing Machines


BERNINA® has a long history of dedication to quality, service and performance. With Bernina you can bring a creative touch to every project you make. Most of their machines are designed with advanced computer technology, bringing you the most innovative features possible. Bernina sewing machines also have an array of features for your specific type of sewing.

BERNINA® products are engineered for quality and performance and should last a very long time.

But if you need Bernina sewing machine repairs, give us a call.